Why do we die, according to the People of Kivu?

The people of Kivu believed that when Man was first created, he was immortal. This meant that God had blessed him so that he would never die.

However, death wanted Man for himself and tried very hard to catch somebody. He did succeed once or twice, but each time, God rescued Man from Death’s clutches.

God then warned everyone on Earth to stay in their homes, while he went and hunted down Death so that he could destroy him. He chased Death, and almost caught him, when an old woman disobeyed God and came out of her hut.

Death at once entered and hid inside her. But God managed to pull Death out of the old woman and would have finished him off forever, when a young woman also came out of her hut, disobeying God’s orders.

Death at once slipped into her, and by this time God was so irritated with Man’s disobedience that he decided to let Man die. So Man lost the gift of immorality through his own fault!.

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Why was the Moon special to Inca married women?

Mama Quilla is the Incan Moon goddess. Her name means ‘mother moon’. She was represented as a gold disc with a human face on it.

Mama Quilla is revered as the guardian of marriage and the protector of married women. So, she was very special to the wives of the Inca men.

Many myths surround Mama Quilla. It is believed that she cried tears of silver, and that a Lunar eclipse occurred when she was being attacked by an animal.

She was married to the sun God Inti but lived apart from him, ruling the night as he ruled the day. She is also revered as the regulator of feast days and the calendar.

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The Story of a Sun Girl and Moon Boy, according to Siberian mythology?

According to Siberian mythology, a young man was in love with a beautiful maiden. He used to go to her home in the dark of the night to meet her. But, the maiden could not see who the man was, and she was determined to find out. So the next night, when the man visited her, she dipped her finger in the soot from an oil lamp that had gone out, and placed a mark on his forehead.

When daylight came, she searched for the man with a mark on his forehead and found him. She was very angry when she saw that the man had no right to visit her. She ran away from him holding a clump of moss that she had lit. The man followed her, holding his own brightly lit clump of moss.

The maiden ran faster and faster, and flew into the sky to become the Sun. The man chased her skywards and become the Moon. But the flames on the man’s moss went out leaving only the burning embers, which is why the Moon is not as bright as the Sun.

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Women in space.

Women have also conquered space, and the most famous of them is Valentina Tereshkova,

Valentina Tereshkova, who was the first women in space. Other famous women are… Shannon Lucid

Shannon Lucid who has gone on the maximum number of space missions. Sunita Williams

Sunita Williams who flew the longest single mission for a woman. The first female spacecraft commander was Eileen Collins.

Jan Davis the first woman to fly with her husband in space was Jan Davis.

The first Japanese female astronaut was Chiaki MukaiChiaki Mukai

Svetlana Savitskaya

Svetlana Savitskaya was the first Japanese woman to walk in space. The first American women in space was Sally Ride,Sally Ride

and the first British woman was Helen Sharmon.

There were many such intrepid women. But closets to our heartsis… Kalpna Chawla,

who grew up in India, and was killed in an accident aboard the spaceship Columbia.

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Puffy Head Birds Leg or chicken leg syndrome? 🐦

What is chicken leg syndrome?

Puffy head birds leg occurs when sinuses of an astronauts swell because of lack of gravity. This causes the blood to shift away from the legs, making the head look puffier and the legs as to become thin like a bird’s! It is one of the results of space travel, but after a few days the body adjusts to the new conditions, and the symptoms decrease. They disappear when the astronauts return to Earth.

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First on the Moon.

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  • The first map of the Moon, seen with the naked eye, was drawn in 1600 by W. Gilbert.
  • The first photograph of the Moon was taken in 1840 by J. W. Draper.
  • The first successful probe to the Moon was Luna 1 in 2nd January 1959. It flew by the Moon, sending back valuable data.
  • The first probe to land on the Moon was Luna 2, also in 13 September 1959.
  • The first photos of the Moon’s far side were taken by Luna 3 in October 1959.
  • The first successful soft landing on the Moon was by Luna 9 in 1966.
  • The first manned flight around the Moon was by Appolo 8 in December 1968.
  • The first ‘Moon Car’ or Lunar Roving vehicle was taken to the Moon by Appolo 15, on July 30, 1971.

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Why does the Moon have different phases according to Indian mythology?

Have you noticed that the Moon keeps changing shape every twenty eight
days? It starts as a thin sliver or crescent.

The crescent grows larger and larg-
er, until two weeks later the full moon shines magnificently in the sky. Then, the full moon starts getting smaller and smaller and becomes a crescent again. They complained to crescent again. The crescent becomes slimmer and slimmer until it finally disappears on new moon day. These changes are called the phases of the Moon.

According to Indian mythology, the phases of the Moon are the result of a curse on Chandra, the moon god, by Daksha, one of the sons of Brahma. Chandra is said to have married twenty seven Daksha’s daughters. However his favorite wife was Rohini and this made his other Wives jealous.

They complained to Daksha who grew very angry at Chandra. He cursed him, saying that Chandra would lose his lustre.

Chandra appealed to Lord Shiva who agreed to help him. Shiva could not remove the curse, but he could make it less severe. Lord Shiva declared that Chandra’s radiance would increase and decrease, every fourteen day.

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Why did the Babylonian consider the moon to be the enemy of evil?

Often depicted as a wise old man with a long beard, sin the moon god was one of the most important among the Babylonian gods. He was usually represented by the Moon in crescent moon to emphasize that the Moon had different phases. The sun goddess was the wife of Sin, and the stars were their daughters.

Because Sin illuminated the night, he was considered to be the enemy of all those who used the cover of darkness to do evil deeds. He was full of wisdom, and at the end of every month the other gods would come to him for advice. In fact, his name ‘Sin’ means ‘God of Wisdom’.

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Why does it feel as if the Moon is following us wherever we go?

Have you noticed that when you travel by train, the houses and trees outside seem to be rushing backwards? However, no matter how fast you travel, the Moon and the stars do not rush backwards, but seem to move along with you at the same speed. Why is this?

When things are near us, we move past them very quickly. After that, we don’t see them any more. That is why trees and houses seem to rush past at great speed. But when things are far away, we’ll see them for longer period since it takes a longer time to go past them. This explains why distant objects like mountains ⛰ don’t seem to rush past the window of a moving car or train. You can see them for a very long time.

You know, the moon is very, very far from us. That is 3,84,400 kilometers away! Because of its great distance, the angle at which we view the Moon changes very little as we move. Even if we travel two hundred kilometers per hour, it remains in relatively the same position in the sky. So, wherever you go, the Moon appears to be in the same position, almost as though it is following you.

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Roosa’s Celestial Experience!

Stuart Rossa, command module pilot for Appolo 14, and his wife went to a trip to Nepal 🇳🇵 in 1975. The couple did not know that some Nepalese believe the sprits of their dead reside on the moon, making it the equivalent of heaven. Roosa could not understand why many of the local citizens treated him like a god, nor why they were distressed when he told them that he saw no one else on the moon!

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