Devil’s Tower, rising 264 metres over low hills and the Belle Fourche River, is one of United State’s distinctive natural landmarks.

The formation of Devil’s Tower is a mystery. Some geologists believe that the tower was created when molten rock pushed into surrounding sedimentary rocks, and then solidified. Others claim that it is the remnant of a volcano’s neck.

According to legend, seven sisters were playing when a big bear chased them. The girls climbed on a rock which grew like a tree, putting the girls safely out of reach. The angry bear jumped up against the sides of the growing tower and left deep claw marks, which may be seen to this day up on the rock walls.

The tower continued to soar towards the sky until the girls were pushed up into the heavens, where they became seven stars. The Red Indians named it ‘Devil’s Tower’.

Published by :- Dr. Prashant

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