Totem poles are large wooden poles that are beautifully carved with many symbols.

The Totem Pole of the Red Indians, provided a means of communicating their stories, myths, and legends. They were generally carved from giant trees, and were made up of an arrangement of symbols. The symbols on the Totem pole told a story, or recalled an event. These messages and stories tell us a lot about the Red Indians, and their culture.

Some poles were erected to celebrate culture beliefs, others were just an artistic presentation. Certain poles also contained graves within them.

But, whatever their purpose, Totem πŸ—Ώ poles are awesome.

Posted by :- Dr. Prashant

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6 thoughts on “The Role of the Totem Pole in Communication.

  1. I’m not certain whether you are referring to a particular band of Native American tribes when you use the term “Red Indians,” but you might want to be careful. The phrase has a negative connotation in most circles. It might even be considered a racial slur to someone of Native American heritage. I don’t mean to be rude or offensive myself. Perhaps there is a way in which the term is acceptable. I just would hesitate to use it as a description. I thought you might want to know there was a potential for offense involved in the terminology. Here is a link to a Wikipedia entry referencing ‘Red Skin’ and how it is pejorative (bad or derogatory) term:

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