Anyone who rides a bike knows that they must wear a helmet for their own protection.But, helmet are bulky and difficult to store. This difficulty inspired British cyclist 🚴 Jeff Woolf to invent a helmet that would be easier to carry around and store away.

The result was the Morpher Bike helmet. What sets the Morpher apart from ordinary helmets is the fact that it folds flat so that it resembles a small textbook.This means it will easily fit into a backpack, purse, or briefcase. At the same time, it is as safe as normal helmets, and has already passed most European testing standards.Its flat shape when folded, makes it possible to be sold by vending machines too.With its stunning looks, Morpher is the answer to every cyclist’s dream of a stylish, comfortable, and easy to carry and store helmet that is also 100 percent safe.

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