Have you noticed that when you travel by train, the houses and trees outside seem to be rushing backwards? However, no matter how fast you travel, the Moon and the stars do not rush backwards, but seem to move along with you at the same speed. Why is this?

When things are near us, we move past them very quickly. After that, we don’t see them any more. That is why trees and houses seem to rush past at great speed. But when things are far away, we’ll see them for longer period since it takes a longer time to go past them. This explains why distant objects like mountains ⛰ don’t seem to rush past the window of a moving car or train. You can see them for a very long time.

You know, the moon is very, very far from us. That is 3,84,400 kilometers away! Because of its great distance, the angle at which we view the Moon changes very little as we move. Even if we travel two hundred kilometers per hour, it remains in relatively the same position in the sky. So, wherever you go, the Moon appears to be in the same position, almost as though it is following you.

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Posted by :- Dr. Prashant

Medical Practitioner,

Psychologist, Guidance and Counselling.

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