Have you noticed that the Moon keeps changing shape every twenty eight
days? It starts as a thin sliver or crescent.

The crescent grows larger and larg-
er, until two weeks later the full moon shines magnificently in the sky. Then, the full moon starts getting smaller and smaller and becomes a crescent again. They complained to crescent again. The crescent becomes slimmer and slimmer until it finally disappears on new moon day. These changes are called the phases of the Moon.

According to Indian mythology, the phases of the Moon are the result of a curse on Chandra, the moon god, by Daksha, one of the sons of Brahma. Chandra is said to have married twenty seven Daksha’s daughters. However his favorite wife was Rohini and this made his other Wives jealous.

They complained to Daksha who grew very angry at Chandra. He cursed him, saying that Chandra would lose his lustre.

Chandra appealed to Lord Shiva who agreed to help him. Shiva could not remove the curse, but he could make it less severe. Lord Shiva declared that Chandra’s radiance would increase and decrease, every fourteen day.

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