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  • The first map of the Moon, seen with the naked eye, was drawn in 1600 by W. Gilbert.
  • The first photograph of the Moon was taken in 1840 by J. W. Draper.
  • The first successful probe to the Moon was Luna 1 in 2nd January 1959. It flew by the Moon, sending back valuable data.
  • The first probe to land on the Moon was Luna 2, also in 13 September 1959.
  • The first photos of the Moon’s far side were taken by Luna 3 in October 1959.
  • The first successful soft landing on the Moon was by Luna 9 in 1966.
  • The first manned flight around the Moon was by Appolo 8 in December 1968.
  • The first ‘Moon Car’ or Lunar Roving vehicle was taken to the Moon by Appolo 15, on July 30, 1971.

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