Which herbs did witches use?

You must have read about witches, and how they wove magical spells using herbal brews.

Do you know what some of their favorite herbs were?

They used rosemary to make people remember things, and anise to avert bad luck. Dill was used as a protection against spells, and thyme was a herb that gave courage.

Sage imparted wisdom, while coriander and fennel were used to summon demons! As a matter of fact, herbs were used for healing and magic before they were used to season food.

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Why was the ‘Indian rope trick’ mysterious?

India is a land of countless mysteries that have puzzled the rest of the world. Perhaps, the most enduring of all these mysteries is that of the Indian rope trick.

In the classic version of Indian rope trick, a rope is thrown into the air where it remains rigid. A young boy climbs up the rope, only to disappear at the top. The performer quickly follows him, only to disappear when he reaches the top of the vertical rope!

Shortly after, pieces of the boy’s body fall from the sky, and land on the ground at the bottom of the rope. A few seconds later, the performer is seen climbing down the rope with a bloodstained knife in his hand. On reaching firm ground, the performer utters a magic word, and the rope falls limp to the ground. He then gathers up the pieces of the boy’s body, and bundles them under a sheet. Within seconds, the sheet is lifted, and the boy appears completely whole and unharmed!

Travellers to India have described this amazing trick for over 600 years, but there is considerable doubt as to whether the trick is fact or fantasy.

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What is the Hundred Years War?

The Hundred years War is the name given to the long struggle between England and France, which started in 1337, and ended in 1453.

The Hundred Years War actually lasted for 116 Years. The English kings had to pay homage to the French kings for being appointed Dukes of Aquitaine. They did not like to do this. Matters turned serious when Philip VI took over Edward, the King of England’s land in France, and thus, war began.

The major events in this war include the Battle on the river Sluys in 1340.

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The Story of Gilgamesh?

Gilgamesh was a Sumerian king who ruled the city of Uruk, thousands of years ago. He was afraid of death, and travelled to a faraway land to learn the secrets of immorality from Utnapishtin, who was believed to enjoy eternal life.

Utnapishtin told Gilgamesh that if he could stay awake for six days and seven nights, he would live forever.

Alas, Gilgamesh found it impossible to do so, and he realized that it is more important to enjoy life, than to worry about death.

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What is Concorde?

The Concorde was the world’s first supersonic commercial passenger aircraft. It was developed jointly by Britain and France during the 1960s and 1970s, and could fly at a speed twice the speed of sound.It could fly high through the atmosphere on the edge of space at an altitude of 18 km.The passengers did not feel any sensation of speed inside the aircraft.The Concorde could fly over great distances without requiring in-flight refueling. But it was economically unviable, and Concorde flights were stopped on 24 October 2003.

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The Role of the Totem Pole in Communication.

Totem poles are large wooden poles that are beautifully carved with many symbols.

The Totem Pole of the Red Indians, provided a means of communicating their stories, myths, and legends. They were generally carved from giant trees, and were made up of an arrangement of symbols. The symbols on the Totem pole told a story, or recalled an event. These messages and stories tell us a lot about the Red Indians, and their culture.

Some poles were erected to celebrate culture beliefs, others were just an artistic presentation. Certain poles also contained graves within them.

But, whatever their purpose, Totem πŸ—Ώ poles are awesome.

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What was the Pony Express?

The Pony Express was a fast mail service crossing the North American continent from the Missouri River to the Pacific Coast.

Messages were carried on horse 🐴 back relay across the plains, deserts, and mountains of the Western US. Compared to earlier delivery services, the Pony Express was very fast.

In 1861, telegraph wires connected New York and San Francisco, and the Pony Express riders went out of business.

But their courage and determination to deliver messages through rain β˜” and snow 🌨, sleet and ice, over the toughest mountain trails and harshest deserts have become legendary.

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