What is Regolith?

The soil of the Moon is called ‘Lunar Regolith’ by scientists, and moon dust by others. It is formed by the impact of a comet or meteorite on the surface of the Moon. Regolith varies in thickness from about three to five metres in the maria, and by about ten to twenty metres in the highlands. It is a rich source of metals and oxygen, which can be mined by man in the future.Posted by :- Dr. PrashantMedical

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One night two young men from Egulac went down to the river to hunt seals, and while they were there it became foggy and calm. Then they heard war cries, and they thought: “May be this is a war party. ” they escaped to the shore, and hid behind a log. Now canoes came up, and they heard the noise of paddles, and saw one canoe coming up to them. There were five men in the canoe coming up to them. There were five men in the canoe, and they said :

” What do you think? We wish to take you along. We are going up the river to make war on the people”.

One of the young men said : ” I have no arrows.”

“Arrows are in the canoe,” they said.

” I will not go along. I might by killed. My relatives do not know where I have gone. But you,” he said, turning to the other, “may go with them.”

So one of the young men went, but the other returned home.

And the warriors went up the river to a town on the other side of kalama. The people came down to the water, and they began to fight and many were killed. But presently the young man heard one of the the warriors say: “Quick, let us go home : that Indian has been hit.” Now he thought : ” Oh, they are ghosts.” He did not feel sick, but they said he had been shot.

So the canoes went back to Egulac and the young man went ashore to his house, and made a fire πŸ”₯. And he told everybody and said : ” Behold I accompanied the ghost, and we went to fight. Many of our fellows were killed, and many of those who attacked us were killed. They said I was hit, and I did not feel sick.”

He told it all, and then he became quite. When the sun rose he fell down. Something black came out of his mouth. His face became contorted. The people jumped up and cried. He was dead.

……….. The End……

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What is Morpher Helmet?

Anyone who rides a bike knows that they must wear a helmet for their own protection.But, helmet are bulky and difficult to store. This difficulty inspired British cyclist 🚴 Jeff Woolf to invent a helmet that would be easier to carry around and store away.The result was the Morpher Bike helmet. What sets the Morpher apart from ordinary helmets is the fact that it folds flat so that it resembles a small textbook.This means it will easily fit into a backpack, purse, or briefcase. At the same time, it is as safe as normal helmets, and has already passed most European testing standards.Its flat shape when folded, makes it possible to be sold by vending machines too.With its stunning looks, Morpher is the answer to every cyclist’s dream of a stylish, comfortable, and easy to carry and store helmet that is also 100 percent safe.Posted by :- Dr. Prashant(Medical Practitioner),Psychologist, Guidance and Counselling.

Who is Tycho Brahe?

Tycho Brahe, (1546-1601) born in Knudstrup, now in Southern Sweden, was an astronomer. He became interested in astronomy while studying law and Philosophy at the University of Copenhagen and Leipzig.

While a student in 1566, in a duel with another student, Tycho Brahe lost part of his nose. For the rest of his life he wore a metal insert over the missing part.

One of his first contributions to astronomy was the detection and correction of several grave errors in the standard astronomical table. By 1584, he contributed a comprehensive model of the solar system which placed the Earth at the centre of the Universe with the sun revolving around the Earth and the planets revolving around the sun. He called it the Tychonic planetary System. Tycho did not accept Copernicus’s model of the Universe.

Though his theories were incorrect, the data he collected were far superior to any other made prior to the invention of the Telescope. It was used by his assistant Johannes Kepler to calculate his own theories of planetary motion.

Tycho died in 1601, of mercury poisoning.

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The Black Death

The Black Death ☠ was one of the worst recorded catastrophes in world history. It was a plague that swept through Europe from 1346 to 1353, killing about 200 million people.

The Black Death arrived in Europe by sea in October 1343, when 12 ships docked at the port of messina after a long journey through the Black sea, with many of the crew either dead, or sick.

People called this disease the Black Death, because death was the inevitable result, and the symptoms of the disease included black lumps covering the body.

As a result of the Black Death, the population of Europe dropped drastically.

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Which herbs did witches use?

You must have read about witches, and how they wove magical spells using herbal brews.

Do you know what some of their favorite herbs were?

They used rosemary to make people remember things, and anise to avert bad luck. Dill was used as a protection against spells, and thyme was a herb that gave courage.

Sage imparted wisdom, while coriander and fennel were used to summon demons! As a matter of fact, herbs were used for healing and magic before they were used to season food.

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