Their first case was a little girl. She was suffering from an acute infection of the bone by staphylococci (a type of bacteria that grows in food).

Her Temperature had soared to 106 Fahrenheit and she was dying.

George Bonney remembers clearly the cloudy yellowish fluid of the massive penicillin injection they had to give her, every three hours, throughout the day and night.

‘She was plainly dying, he recalls. The next morning she was plainly going to live. It was the first time I’ d seen such a thing. I shall never forget it. It was an absolute miracle ‘.

Many doctors believe that penicillin is the greatest single medical advance the world has ever known. Before the 1940, hospitals were full of people with easily caught infections raging out of control. After the 1940s, the tragedy of damaged health or death from common infections was a thing of the past.

Penicillin not only cured people so overwhelmed by bacteria that they were dying. It gave doctors the power to stop bacteria ever taking such a hold in the first place.

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